Thursday, February 28, 2013

SUPERPRETZEL + Hot Dogs = Delicious PretzelDogs

Bite-sized hot dogs bundled up in a toasty SUPERPRETZEL crust and ready for whenever your stomach starts growling or the game gets going. Available in three delicious flavors - Original, Cheddar Cheese, Jalapeno & Cheese.

Check out what some of our blogger friends had to say!

" If you're a pretzel-lover, you should definitely try these..... I like a crispy pretzel, and when warmed in the microwave, PretzelDogs are soft and chewy... exactly what my husband wanted."  - Jan


"These little snacks are so yummy.  I've never had a pretzel dog before trying these and now I want to buy them all the time.  They were so quick to warm up in the oven and satisfied everyone's hunger. "


"So what are PretzelDogs you ask? They are these adorable mini pretzel treats, tiny two bite hot dogs rapped in a pretzel. These great treats would be wonderful as appetizers or just a quick snack for the family." - Susan

"The pretzels came out of the oven soft and warm, and the hot dogs inside were so tasty! We dipped our PretzelDogs in ketchup, but you can select your own condiment or even eat them plain since they’re already so flavorful." - Susan

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