Thursday, April 25, 2013

SUPERPRETZEL Recipes Featured on Good Day Philadelphia!

Did you see our segment on Good Day Philadelphia? Here's the recipe we featured so you can try them at home!

Sweet Cinnamon Super Pretzel French Toast

3-4 Sweet Cinnamon Super Pretzels
2 cups of cream
3 whole eggs
1-2 TBSP of vanilla extract

Whisk together cream, eggs, and vanilla
Soak the pretzels in the mixture (you can use the pretzels whole, cut in half, or chopped up in large chunks)
Cook on a griddle, Panini grill, or a standard frying pan…about 1-2 minutes per side
When done to your liking, top with butter, syrup, fruit, or confectionary sugar
Serve with an egg and bacon strips to complete this delicious dish.

Turkey and Swiss Pretzel Club Sandwich

1 ½  Super Pretzels (3 half slices)
6 Slices of Oven Roasted Turkey
2 Slices of Swiss Cheese
Mayonnaise of Your Choice (we used a southwestern ranch reduced fat mayo)
2 Slices of Tomato
4 Leaves of Green Lettuce
4 Slices of Bacon

Slice the pretzels in half, as you would a bagel
Toast the pretzels in a toaster (topping the top layer with pretzel salt if you desire)
Build your sandwich by alternating the above ingredients, creating two full layers.
Serve with your favorite potato salad and a side of pickles

Ice Cream Sundae Featuring Sweet Cinnamon Pretzels

3-4 Scoops of your favorite ice cream (we used vanilla)
Any type of your favorite toppings (we used chocolate syrup, caramel sauce, wet walnuts, maraschino cherries, and colored sprinkles)
2 Sweet Cinnamon Super Pretzels

In an ice cream sundae bowl, build your masterpiece however you like it.
When finished, bake off two sweet cinnamon super pretzels and dredge in cinnamon sugar, cut them in half, and add as an accompaniment to your sundae.

Super Pretzel Parmesan Garlic Bites

9-12 Super Pretzel Bites
½ Cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 TBSP Wet Minced Garlic
2 TBSP Dry Parsley
2 TBSP Pretzel Salt
¼ Cup of Parmesan Cheese

Combine the EVOO, Cheese, Garlic, Pretzel Salt, and Parsley in a bowl and set aside.
Deep fry the pretzel bites in your favorite cooking oil (we used cottonseed) at 360 F for about 2 minutes.
When done dredge the pretzel bites into the oil/cheese mixture
Serve with your favorite dipping sauce

Super Pretzel Fruit and Pretzel Kabobs

6-8 Super Pretzel Bites
5-6 Chunks of Fresh Pineapple
5-6 Fresh Strawberries
3-4 Bamboo Skewers (6 inch in length)
3 Dipping Sauces of your Choice (we used chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, and a raspberry sauce)
1 Piece of Pineapple (cut about 1 inch thick and 6 inches long)
Cinnamon Sugar

Clean and prepare the fruit called for above
Bake off the Pretzel Bites according to the box instructions, dredge in cinnamon sugar after coming out of the oven coating them generously.
Create your kabobs by alternating pretzel bites, strawberries, and pineapple chunks onto one skewer.  Create 3-4 skewers in total.
Using your long piece of pineapple as your base, pierce the skewers into the pineapple log for a gorgeous presentation.
Serve with your favorite sauces and enjoy.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our Facebook Fans are Poets!

We recently asked our Facebook fans to give us there best poem about SUPERPRETZEL in celebration of National Soft Pretzel Month and Poetry month. And, boy did they come through!! Check out some of our favorites:

"Superpretzel, oh how I love thee! While baking, I can't wait for you to get into my belly! From the oven, to the plate, the anticipation, I cannot wait! Stadium Mustard on the ready, nice and warm, hold it steady! Salty and Chewy, a drop I don't miss... Superpretzel, you are pure bliss!" -Steve

"The salty specks on your golden crust, makes me want to eat lots so my pants will bust! I'll dip you in mustard and then some cheese, cause SUPERPRETZEL is the best by far you better believe! " - Alana

"Pretzel Pretzel your so twisty
Outside Smooth N Crispy
Inside Soft N Warm
Your so yummy
Why do I always wanna put you in my TUMMY???"
- Jackie

"Twisted fun
Better get you some!
Salty snack
With a cheese dip pack
SuperPretzel anytime of day
Always perfect in every way!"
- Ruth

"SUPERPRETZEL How Do I Love Thee. Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth of my stomach when it cries for more and the Pretzel breadth I get that I can live with and height my soul reaches after eating a wonderful SOFT HOT SUPERPRETZEL. THAT'S HOW MUCH I LOVE THEE." - Jackie

"Ode to Superpretzel

You make my mouth water
Your smell so enticing
So salty, so warm
So tantalizing"
- Jennifer

"Rippling air
Caresses your face warmly as you open the oven door
The Superpretzel’s graceful twists and knots
Fit together in unique harmonies
golden skin puckering around icy white salt crystals
that shimmer
You check the timer
How much longer?"
- Camille

"Pretzelfils with pizza or pepper jack,
Taste is not something that they lack.
A pretzeldog or pretzel bite,
There’s certainly no wrong or right.
Sweet cinnamon or softstix with cheese,
Superpretzels will always please.
Superpretzels have the fun baked in,
The envy of all your friends you will win.
So stock up on all of your favorite kinds,
Superpretzels are not hard to find!"
- Jaime

"There once was a pretzel from Nantucket...From the cheese dip I will pluck it....All great things are covered in salt...and the smell from these in the mall bring me to a halt." - Jeffrey

It's Raining Pretzels in April!

This month not only brings April Showers, it's also National Soft Pretzel month! We have lots of fun events planned. Check out our schedule here.

Monday, April 15, 2013

2013 Walk+Run Against Hunger

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate National Soft Pretzel month at the 17th Annual Walk+Run Against Hunger. The 5K race at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, supports food pantries, soup kitchens and hunger relief organizations in Southern Philadelphia and South Jersey.  

We handed out more than 2,000 SUPERPRETZELs, FEDERAL PRETZELS and SUPERSTIX, to race participants and supporters. Our mascot, JJ, was even on hand to help lead the race participants in a warm up!

“As a successful company, it’s our responsibility to help those in need,” says Gerry Shreiber, CEO and President of J&J Snack Foods. “We at J&J Snack Foods are honored to do all we can for our community and the organizations making a difference.”  

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Welcome to National Soft Pretzel Month!

We have multiple events we are sponsoring during National Soft Pretzel Month! We would love to see you there. Check ‘em out!

On Saturday, April 13, we will be at the 17th annual Walk+Run Against Hunger. This event raises funds for more than 100 food pantries, soup kitchens and hunger-relief agencies.   J&J Snacks will be next to the registration booth with lots of samples and giveaways! Don’t forget the kids! We will also be in the Kids’ Tent with individually wrapped pretzels, coupons, giveaways and bags. Our mascot JJ will also be there. He’s looking forward to doing warm-up yoga with all the kids! Be sure to visit the Walk Against Hunger website!

Saturday, April 13, 2013 Philadelphia Museum of Art (Philadelphia, PA) 7:15AM – 11:00AM (8:30AM Walk Starts)

 On Thursday, April 25th, SUPERPRETZEL will be at the Atrium in Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia from 10:00AM – 2:00PM. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia was ranked No. 1 in more specialties than any other pediatric hospital in the nation, earning it top honors in U.S. News & World Report’s 2012-13 survey of Best Children's Hospitals. We will host a 2 hour event for patients and parents, featuring pretzel decorating, games and prizes!

SUPERPRETZEL is proudly sponsoring  the Coaches v. Cancer 2013 event happening at Millville High School in New Jersey - SUPERPRETZEL spokesman Mike Trout's hometown!  The Coaches vs. Cancer program empowers coaches, their teams, and communities to join the fight against cancer by participating in awareness efforts, advocacy programs, and fundraising activities. Guided by the Coaches vs. Cancer Council, participating coaches help people with cancer today and to find cures to end the disease tomorrow, and have raised more than $87 million to help the American Cancer Society’s mission.  SUPERPRETZEL will be volunteering at this event a well as making a monetary donation on behalf of  Millville HS to the American Cancer Society.

Stay tuned to the blog and our Facebook page for more fun contest, announcements and events for National Soft Pretzel Month!